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Daily Reup a streetwear & Urban lifestyle blog

dailyreupDaily Reup is one of the emerging lifestyle blogs that provides its users with the latest fashion streetwear & hip-hop related music. From the hype to th
e up and coming artists with passion and motivation.

Daily Reup is an affiliate of Karmaloop, PLNDR, Flight Club and other popular brands around the world.

Daily Reup has a huge influence on social media, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even Google Plus. You can visit Daily Reup here.


Karmaloop Launches Karmaloop KLX

karmaloop-klxKarmaloop recently released Karmaloop KLX a hip-hop and fashion blog. Providing the mass with the latest fashion news and music available. Karmaloop’s streetwear lifestyle blog dedicated just for that.

Karmaloop recently had it named Karmaloop GURU mag but I guess that went no where. Karmaloop KLX is in beta and it looks like it is going to stay as Karmaloop KLX.

Karmaloop KLX

Karmaloop KLX has a variety of different categories. From the latest music, fashion trends, and gossip. Reminds us of Daily Reup somewhat related. KLX gives you the up-coming news on the new releases from clothing brands before it hits Karmaloop.

You can visit Karmaloop KLX here.


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